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Steel Shipping Container Buyers' Guide

General Information

What’s the Difference Between a Storage Container, a Shipping container and a Conex box?

Storage containers, shipping containers, Conex boxes, portable steel containers are all names for the same thing. The name tends to change from region to region, between countries or in different industries.

Where does my shipping container come from?

Most of our containers come from overseas. They are produced in China and then begin their duty of carrying trade goods overseas until they are retired from service. When a shipping container is retired we take them and clean them up. For “New” Containers, they are loaded with cargo only once, and sent across the seas to the U.S.

What’s the difference between new and used shipping containers?

New steel shipping containers have only crossed the sea once. The cargo they are loaded with is usually a textile good or other non perishables to avoid damaging the container.

Should I buy a container new or used?

Buying a steel container new or used is often based on personal preference. When choosing a container think about its use and if used for storage what sort of goods will be kept inside. For items of value, a New or Refurbished container will be far less likely to develop leaks.

Who uses Permanent or Temporary Storage Containers?

Storage containers are used by many different organisations, companies and people. Many of our own storage containers are used by local businesses, by farmers for tax exempt storage and for creating custom homes.

How big are storage containers?

Our Storage containers come in a variety of sizes. Our smallest containers are 10’ long and our largest containers span up to 53’ long.

What’s the difference between a “High Cube” and a “Standard?”

Our storage containers come in different sizes and they also come in different heights. A standard container has a height of 8’6”, this is where it gets the “standard” from. High Cube containers on the other hand are taller, at 9’6”. This effectively makes them “Higher cubes.”Have a look at our specs page for more specific information.

This is a new “one trip” 40 ft. high cube steel cargo container 40 ft. standard steel container

top: 40 ft high cube container. Bottom: 40 ft standard container.

How strong are storage containers?

In short, very. All of our storage containers, excluding aluminum are made with Corten steel. They are capable of being stacked up to 7 containers high one on top of another.

How much does a container weigh?

Cargo containers are incredibly heavy, they shouldn’t be moved without proper safety. Our smallest container weighs in at 2800lbs., and our largest container weighs over 11,000lbs. Have a look at our specs page for more specific information.

Can steel shipping containers be stacked?

Cargo containers can usually be stacked. One on another they can be stacked up to 7 high. It’s important to keep in mind that containers support weight on their four corners, containers stacked in different arrangements cannot support as much weight.

Do you have 30’ containers?

30’ containers are not a standard length for containers, but our shop will proudly cut down or extend a container to your desired length, this includes 30’.

Are the doors easy to open?

Many cargo container doors require two hands to open, we sell a special stock of easy open doors that have only one handle. On top of that, we test and repair all container doors in our yard and test them again before and after a delivery.

Where can I go to see your containers?

Xcaliber Container is proud to sell steel containers throughout the southern U.S. Our containers can be found at one of our many saleyards.

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This is a customized 53 ft. steel container cabin

53 ft. Steel Container Cabin

Buying Options

How much do they cost?

Our steel containers vary by price depending on their size and quality, check out our shop for current prices.

Can I Rent Containers?

Yes! Our steel shipping containers can be rented. However we only rent out 20’ and 40’ containers. See our rental containers and prices.

Can I rent-to-own your containers?

Xcaliber Container is partnered with Rental Partners, through our partnered company you can finance any container you would like to purchase.

Why should I buy from Xcaliber Container?

Xcaliber Container believes in quality over quantity. Every container to enter one of our yards is inspected and reviewed for defects. Our refurbishment process can greatly extend the life of a container and any serviced wind/water tight containers come with a year guarantee to be free of leaks.

Where do I go to buy a steel container?

If you would like to order a steel container you can give us a call at 940-549-0699. You can also order from the shop on our website or visit us in person at our headquarters.

When should I pay?

For purchasing steel shipping containers you can pay upon delivery. We accept cash or check, wire transfers, or credit cards *for credit cards there is a 3% convenience fee.

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This is a new “one trip” 20 ft. steel cargo container

20 ft. steel cargo container


How much does it hold?

Our containers are rated to hold well over 50,000lbs. They also have an internal volume of 1,172 cubic feet for a 20’ box and 2,392 cubic feet for a 40’ box.

Are my stored items safe?

All of our new, refurbished and serviced boxes come with a minimum guarantee of no holes or leaks for 1 year, this means your items are safe from the weather. We also offer a hefty line of security features we can put on your containers to keep unwelcome company out!

It’s dark, can I add lights?

We would be more than happy to add a basic electrical package to a container at any request. When getting ready to check out, ask any one of our awesome office members for a basic electrical package, which will include lighting and electrical plugs around the body of your container.

How hot can it get in a steel storage container?

Generally, any container made of steel will get very hot during the summer in southern heat. You could be looking at temperatures up to 120°. Fortunately, we have you covered. Any of our containers can have solar vents installed, which can reduce the internal temperature by 10° to 20°. We can also insulate containers or install air conditioning.

Do you offer site storage?

At the current time, we do not offer site storage, we are looking into developing this as an option. In the meantime, you might be interested in getting a rental container that we can deliver to your own property.

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Custom Steel Cargo Container being delivered

Cargo Container Ready For Delivery


How quickly can I have my steel container delivered?

Xcaliber can have a trucker dispatched within the next business day for most containers and circumstances.

How do you deliver a portable storage container?

Our containers are delivered to your destination from a tilt bed truck. When getting ready to order it is worth considering how you want your container placed, with doors facing the cab of our trucks the doors will be the last thing on the ground.

What do I need to do to get ready, where can my container go?

Most customers prepare a gravel bed, or a concrete platform. While this isn’t required, it helps keep the container level and the ground around it well drained. It’s important to keep the container level, otherwise the doors can be difficult to open.

Do I need planning permission for a container?

Most containers are considered temporary and do not require any special permission. It is still a good idea to call your local chamber of commerce to see if your area has any restrictions.

How much space is needed for delivery?

Most of our containers are delivered on a 40’ tilt bed trailer. This means we unload a container by sliding out from underneath it. It’s a good idea to leave our drivers about 90 feet to 115 feet.

What is the cost for delivery?

The cost for delivery of any of our steel containers is calculated into the first price that you see. For basic containers, the price you see is what you get.

What if i want to move my steel shipping container?

Xcaliber Container can help you move containers, as long as they are empty. Unfortunately we can’t move a container that has any wares inside of it.

40 ft. steel container mobile office

53 ft. Steel Container Custom Cabin

Custom Containers

What flooring is in a steel container, Can they have steel floors?

Our containers typically come with sealed chipboards, or bamboo. Steel floors can be installed over the wooden floors for a more rugged and durable surface.

Can my steel shipping container be used for something other than storage?

Absolutely. Many of our containers are used as hunting blinds, cabins, oilfield labs and firework stands. There are many options for customising your container to make it what you need. Have a look at some of the modifications we offer.

What can I do with my shipping container?

While you can’t play fetch you can still do many things with your shipping container. Containers are often used to make portable buildings with fully furnished electrical and water systems.

What color are your steel containers?

Our containers come in a variety of colors. ASIS boxes can be a wide range of colors. Our basic refurbished, serviced boxes, come in a neutral gray color. The higher queality premium boxes come in a dark tan. New containers are most often, a light tan, grey or camo. We can repaint any container you order, just ask when you place your order!

I want to add my own changes to a shipping container, what are they made of?

All of our standard containers are made of Corten steel. Often known as weathering steel, it is known for its ability to form a layer of rust that prevents further corrosion.

Interested in a Custom Shipping Container? View our selection of Mobile Offices and Hunting Cabins

This is a new “one trip” 10 ft. steel cargo container with double doors.

10 ft. steel cargo container


Do cargo containers need maintenance?

Most steel containers do not need regular maintenance, however there are a few things you can do to improve the container’s quality of life. Most container doors have grease inserts that wear out over time. Replacing these inserts, and seals can make old doors much easier to open.

Do you buy back containers?

Xcaliber does not typically buy back steel shipping containers, however we have helped previous customers find new homes for their containers, and helped move them.

Will they last forever?

A new shipping container can last a long time, around 20 years before it starts to develop patches of rust that may leak. Our used containers have been exposed to years of service and weathering. We do our best to clean up these containers, however their lifespan is only around 10-15 years, and it is much easier for leaks to develop.

What should I do if my steel container has a leak?

If your container has a leak, there’s a few solutions, first give us a call, your box may still be under our guarantee, if not, we will still be able to offer solutions. The best way to take care of a leak is to cut out the corroded patch of metal and put a new patch in. However something like a silicone patch can stop up a hole in emergencies.

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