Once I select the Shipping Container I want to purchase, how do I place the order?

If you are shopping online, you can add the Shipping Container to your shopping cart and check out, or you can give us a call at 940-374-4964 to speak with a Sales Specialist. If you have selected a Shipping Container out of one of our Show Yards, you can call 940-374-4964 to check the availability of that unit with one of our Sales Specialists.

What if I'm tax exempt?

If you hold an applicable tax exempt status, please download and fill out one of the following forms and email it to Info@XCaliberContainer.com, or fax it to (940) 228-0023.

Texas Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification

Texas Non Profit Exemption Certification

Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate

What can I expect during the ordering process?

Prior to the ordering process, you will receive an estimate from your Sales Specialist, which will include the selected Shipping Container(s) and any requested modifications/add-ons. The estimate amount is subject to change pending approval from the Inside Operations Manager. After the estimate is confirmed, your Sales Specialist will provide you with an invoice. If the Shipping Container is a custom build or has requested modifications/add-ons, your Sales Specialist will create a Work Order for your approval to ensure all requested features are placed correctly.

What happens after I approve my Work Order?

Once the Work Order is approved, your Sales Specialist will submit all order documents to the Inside Operations Manager to review and ensure there are no discrepancies.

Once all order documents are approved, what happens next?

After approval of all order documents from both you and your Sales Specialist, you will be required to pay a deposit, which will be 50% of the invoice total amount. The remaining balance will be due prior to delivery. After the deposit is paid, your Sales Specialist will submit your Work Order for production.

How long will production take?

Depending on the type of custom build or modifications you have requested, the production time can range from 4 to 16 weeks. During this time, you are welcome to call your Sales Specialist to get updates on the progress of your container.

What happens if I want to change my Work Order after production begins?

If you want to change the Work Order after it has been submitted for production, you will need to contact your Sales Specialist to let them know of the the desired change. If production is not far along and the change(s) can be made, your Sales Specialist will pull and amend the Work Order. Once the Work Order is amended, it will be sent back to you for approval and the previous steps will be repeated. Production on your unit will not resume until you approve the amended work order. Making a change to your unit once it is already in production can result in a time delay.

What happens after the production on my Shipping Container is complete?

Following production, your unit will be placed in line to be inspected by a third-party building inspector if it includes plumbing or electrical. Once the inspection process is complete, your Sales Specialist or a member of the Operations Team will contact you and send you photos of your completed unit for approval.

After I approve the pictures of my completed Shipping Container, when can I expect delivery?

After you approve the pictures of your Shipping Container, the Operations Team will submit your order to the Logistics Team for delivery scheduling. You can expect a call from the Logistics Team within 72 hours to coordinate a date for delivery, which is typically within 7-10 business days.

Does my container come with a warranty?

Wind and Water Tight Containers (WWT): No Warranty. Guaranteed not to have visible holes upon delivery.

Basic and Premium Refurbished: 1 Year warranty against leaks. (Not dripping condensation.)

Custom Containers: 90 day warranty against workmanship.

Office / Cabin / Advanced Custom Work:

1 year warranty against leaks from steel roof / steel walls. (Not plumbing)90 day warranty against workmanship.30 day warranty on appliances / on demand heater / AC units / other items with manufacturer warranty. (After 30 days contact the manufacturer for repairs)

Freeze Damage: No warranty.


How will my Shipping Container be delivered?

Our portable Shipping Containers are delivered to your requested location with a truck and tilt-bed trailer. During the ordering process, you should consider how you want your container loaded on the trailer, so that it will be placed correctly in your desired location when it is unloaded. The Shipping Container can either be loaded on the trailer with the cargo doors facing the cab of the delivery truck, or it can be loaded with the cargo doors facing the back of the trailer. If it is loaded with the cargo doors facing the cab, the cargo doors will come off the trailer last. If it is loaded with the cargo doors facing the back of the trailer, the cargo doors will come off the trailer first.

What do I need to do to get my location ready for delivery?

Most customers prepare a gravel bed or a concrete platform. While this isn't required, it helps keep the container level and the ground around it well-drained. It's essential to keep the storage container level. Otherwise, the doors can be challenging to open.

Do I need planning permission for a Shipping Container?

Most Shipping Containers are considered temporary and do not require any special permission or permit. It is still a good idea to call your local jurisdiction to see if your area has any restrictions.

How much space is needed for the delivery of my Shipping Container?

The majority of our Steel Containers are delivered on a 40' tilt-bed trailer. This means we unload your container by sliding out from underneath it. It is a good idea to give our drivers about 90 to 115 feet in front of the delivery site.

How do I prepare for electrical connections?

Before delivery and connection to power, contact the local jurisdiction to determine if permits are required. Find out if the services amps are compatible with the unit that has been purchased. Schedule for a licensed electrician to come for the connection. Before you contact the electrician, you need to determine if you will be connecting to a utility service or if you will be connecting to a generator.

How do I prepare for a plumbing connections?

We recommend hiring a licensed plumber to connect all lines. Before delivery and connecting plumbing, you should contact the local jurisdiction to determine if permits are required. The plumber will need to know if you are connecting to a public water supply or well, the distance the container will be placed from the plumbing service, how much use it will be getting, and if the unit will drain to a sewer line, septic system, tank or bladder.



How much can I store inside of a Shipping Container?

Our Shipping Containers are rated to hold well over 50,000 lbs. They also have an internal volume of 1,172 cubic feet for a 20' Container and 2,392 cubic feet for a 40' Container.

Are my stored items safe in a Shipping Container?

Shipping Containers are fabricated from 14-gauge corrugated steel, making them extremely durable and able to withstand the elements. All of our New and Refurbished Shipping Containers come with a 1- Year Warranty against leaks and rodents. We also offer a line of security features that can be added to your Shipping Container on request to ensure your stored items stay in and the thieves stay out.

Can I add electricity to my Shipping Container?

We can add a basic electric package, which will include lighting and electrical plugs around the body of your container, or upgraded package to your Shipping Container if requested. During the ordering process, you and your Sales Specialist can discuss which electric package would work best for your needs and the customization of your unit.

How hot can it get inside a Shipping Container?

Generally, any container made of steel will get very hot during the summer. Temperatures can range up to 120° Fahrenheit. Fortunately, we offer options to help temperature regulation inside your Shipping Container. Our options include installing solar vents, which can reduce the internal temperature by 10° to 20°, installing AC/Heat units, or spray foam insulation.

Are Shipping Containers rust proof?

Shipping Containers are made from metal, therefore they are susceptible to rust.

Are Shipping Containers bulletproof?

Shipping Containers are not designed to be bulletproof, but the National Geographic show "Doomsday Preppers" tested this theory out. Once tested, they concluded that a Shipping Container would stop a .22 caliber rifle round.

Are Shipping Container floors toxic?

Shipping Container floors are made from either marine-grade plywood or bamboo. They do contain basileus, taileum 400, and radaleum, which act as pesticides. However, the floors have been studied and tested at the Center for Toxicology and Enviromental Health, LLC, and they have concluded that these compounds are only harmful to insects, not people.

Do Shipping Containers pose a greater risk of lightning strikes?

Shipping Containers are made from steel, and steel is a conductor. However, compared to a traditional home, they both have the same risk when it comes to lightning strikes. If you are worried about lightning striking your Shipping Container, you should consider a lightning rod. The rod will extend higher than the container and be far more conducive. So if lighting were to strike in that general area, the electrical current would be attracted to the lighting rod.

Do Storage Containers have any source of ventilation?

Shipping Containers are made with vents on the upper portion of the side walls. If the Shipping Container is placed in a cold or wet environment, these vents can make the unit more susceptible to condensation, leading to rust in the future. So be sure to check the ventilation on the container.

What is the difference between a New and Used Shipping Container?

A New Shipping Container, also known as a 1-Trip, is a Shipping Container that has been manufactured overseas, loaded with goods, and then shipped to the US. Once the Shipping Container has arrived at the destination and the goods are unloaded, the Shipping Container is then sold. New Shipping Containers will be in excellent shape with only one load of cargo previously transported in them. They may have minor signs of previous use. Used Containers have been used to transport cargo around 8-15 years before being sold. These Used Containers will have faded paint, rust, dents, and dings, but they will have functioning cargo doors, good floors, and no holes upon delivery.

Are Shipping Containers airtight?

No, Shipping Containers are not airtight. Even though Shipping Containers are sealed at all entry points with rubber seals and adhesive, they have special vents at the top of the sidewalls to help with air circulation.

Can I bury a Shipping Container to make a storm shelter or bunker?

The walls, roof, and floor of a Shipping Container are not strong enough to withstand the pressure of being buried. The container is only meant to bear weight on the four corners. If you are planning on burying a shipping container, you will need to reinforce the structure inside and out.


Do Shipping Containers need maintenance?

Most Shipping Containers do not need regular maintenance. However, you can do a few things to improve the shipping container's quality of life. Most container doors have grease inserts that wear out over time. Replacing these inserts and seals can make old doors much easier to open.

Will my Shipping Container last forever?

A New Shipping Container can last a long time, around 20 years, before it starts to develop patches of rust that may leak. Our Used Shipping Containers have been exposed to years of service and weathering. Upon arriving to XCaliber, our used containers undergo an inspection and repair process, which includes door servicing, removal of rust, and a structural inspection. Even with this process, their lifespan is only around 10-15.

What should I do if my Shipping Container leaks?

If your Shipping Container leaks, there are a few solutions. First, give us a call. Your unit may still be under our 1-Year Warranty, and if not, we will still be able to offer solutions. The best way to take care of a leak is to cut out the rusted metal patch and put a new patch in. However, something like a silicone patch can stop up a hole in emergencies.

How do I keep my plumbing from freezing in extreme temperatures?

Before freezing temperatures, open and drain the lines or keep a drip to prevent pipes from busting.

How do I prevent my Shipping Container from developing musty odors?

Make sure to replace AC/Heating filters or make sure the container is ventilated properly.