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Have you ever wondered about the intricacies of packing a shipping container or the lifespan of these robust steel giants? As your trusted guide in the realm of shipping containers, we're here to unravel the mysteries and provide you with answers to some commonly asked questions.


How to Pack a Storage Container? Packing a storage container is an art, and the key is to start with the heavy, bulkier items at the bottom. As you create layers, work your way up with smaller, less heavy items. This ensures a stable and secure load, preventing damage during transport or storage.


What Can't You Store in a Shipping Container? While shipping containers are versatile, some restrictions apply. Hazardous materials are a strict no-go. Additionally, storing items like food, plants, or other perishables without proper precautions, such as climate control or insulation, is not advisable.


How Long Do Shipping Containers Last? The lifespan of a shipping container is impressive, reaching up to 25-30 years with proper maintenance. Despite this durability, many container leasing companies consider retiring them after 10-12 years due to depreciation.


Where Are Shipping Containers Made? Approximately 85% of all shipping containers are crafted in China, a manufacturing powerhouse and a key player in global exports. The emphasis on quality production in China is crucial, given the widespread use of these containers in international shipping.


Can Shipping Containers Be Buried? While the idea of burying a shipping container may seem intriguing, it comes with a caveat. These containers are designed for stacking, not to withstand horizontal external pressure in burial. If you're considering burying one, additional support and modifications are essential for safety and structural integrity.


Explore the world of shipping containers with us, where every question finds its answer, and the journey is as fascinating as the containers themselves.



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