Beyond Storage: XCaliber Container's Diverse Projects




Over the years at XCaliber Container, we have transcended the conventional use of storage containers, showcasing our versatility through a diverse array of projects. From crafting secure and spacious dog kennels to designing vibrant business solutions, our portfolio reflects the breadth of our capabilities.



1. House of Bullies - Dog Kennel

  • Challenge: Natalia from House of Bullies needed a unique kennel for moms and puppies.
  • Solution: We delivered a 40’ high cube container with spray foam insulation, 2 AC units, generator pack, wash sink, and a whelping space—a haven for furry companions.





2. Perro Largo Ranch – Pink Container Airbnb

  • Customization: A 20’ Cabin Container with custom paint, top deck + awning, and unique touches for the Perro Largo Ranch.
  • Experience: A unique getaway just north of Big Bend National Park, surrounded by mountain views, starry nights, and wildlife.





3. UNT Tailgate Container – Student Concession Stand

  • Purpose: Tailgate container for college events offering drinks, snacks, and promotional products.
  • Efficiency: Delivered within 5 weeks, featuring a specialty retractable awning for easy access for the student workers.




 4. Jacksboro Pumpkin Patch – Fall Display

  • Incorporation: Two 40’ Custom Containers added to the fall display.
  • Experience: Visitors enjoy a day at the patch with photos, feeding goats, learning about pumpkins, and indulging in fall treats.




5. Scoot’s Smashburgers - Restaurant

  • Unique Setting: Scoot's Smashburgers in Quanah, TX, offers a distinctive dining experience.
  • Container Innovation: Burgers are served in a 53' Custom Container, adding a touch of uniqueness to the culinary adventure.




6. OK Concrete - Commercial Use

Purpose: Our neighbors at OK Concrete needed a quick solution for an extra office space.

Solution: We delivered a 40' office with a bathroom—the perfect workspace area.




7. Thyen Family - Family Camp Site 

Remote Living: Two 40' Bunkhouse Cabins for a family camping site. It features a luxurious full-functioning bathroom, kitchen area, plenty of cabinet space, and a large sink.

Experience: The Thyen Family now has a weekend getaway space to where they can enjoy their outdoor activities away from the city. 



8.  Family Hunting Camp

Purpose: A family in South Central Oklahoma needed a space for a hunting camp and Double B Welding and Construction finished up the final product.

Solution: This setup features one of our 40' Bunkhouse Cabins and a 40' Storage Container.








Explore the richness of our portfolio as we continue to redefine the possibilities of container use, demonstrating that XCaliber Container is not just a storage solution but a creative partner in diverse projects.


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