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In various industries, the need for accurate weighing of materials is crucial, and scale houses play a vital role in monitoring and managing this process. Shipping containers have emerged as an ideal solution for scale houses, offering a range of benefits that contribute to efficiency and ease of operation.



What is a scale house?

A scale house is a small office space situated at weigh stations, primarily designed to monitor and manage the weight of materials passing through. It serves as a shelter for computing equipment and onsite employees, providing storage space and facilitating the accurate weighing of trucks and their cargo.


Our 20' Scale House is fabricated from a 20' 1-Trip Shipping Container.



Why choose a shipping container for your scale house?

  1. - Minimizing site disturbances: Containers, modified offsite, reduce the disruptions caused by traditional construction zones. This allows onsite teams to focus on installing scale equipment without prolonged construction activities.


  1. - Ease of delivery: Container-based scale houses are manufactured offsite and delivered fully complete, simplifying the delivery process. Designed to travel by truck, containers offer a hassle-free solution for scale house delivery.


  1. - Fast setup: Container setup is remarkably fast, taking only a few hours when the site is adequately prepared. This ensures that onsite work progresses efficiently, minimizing downtime.


  1. - Durability: Well-maintained container-based buildings exhibit durability, remaining in good condition for over twenty-five years. This longevity surpasses traditional structures of comparable prices, making containers a reliable and cost-effective choice.


If you're considering a container-based scale house, our team at XCaliber is ready to discuss your project. Contact us today to explore how containers can offer efficiency, versatility, and durability to your weighing solutions.


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