Elevate Your Container Experience: Must-Have Accessories for Ultimate Versatility



Are you looking to transform your shipping container into a personalized, functional, secure, and safe space? Enhancing your container with our exclusive add-on options is the key to unlocking its full potential. At XCaliber Container, we understand the importance of personalization and practicality, and we're here to highlight some of our most popular accessories that will take your container to the next level.


Custom Paint: Personalize your container with a touch of individuality. Choose from a palette of colors, including Kelly Moore - La Grange, Carbon, Steiglitz Fog, Hunter's Orange, Cross My Heart, Barnwood, and Swiss Coffee. Or choose your own custom color to match your personal style. Our two complete coats on sides and roof not only add aesthetic appeal but also protect your container from the elements.



Spray Foam Insulation: Experience heat reduction of up to 40 degrees with our spray foam insulation. Ideal for safeguarding temperature-sensitive items, this option is a game-changer for those considering climate control. Whether you store equipment, vehicles, perishable goods, or even provide a comfortable workspace for employees, insulation ensures optimal conditions.



Shelving: Maximize your storage space with our Heavy Duty 3-Row Shelving. Organize and declutter your container's interior for efficient seasonal storage. The shelving package is designed to secure your belongings while optimizing the available space.



Electric Package: Illuminate your container for safety and security with our Electric Package. Featuring 4' light fixtures, a 100 Amp panel, breakers, bulbs, flex wiring, outlets, and covers, this package ensures a well-lit and functional interior.



Windows: Open up your container to natural light and create the illusion of more space by adding windows. Enhance visibility, aesthetics, and the overall ambiance of your container.



Top Deck: Elevate your container experience with a Top Deck. Complete with a custom stairway, folding handrails, top subfloor matrix, and Trex Board decking, this option provides an outdoor space for relaxation and breathtaking views.



Awning: Enjoy shade and protection with our Heavy Duty 8'x20' awning. Wind-rated to 90mph and designed for easy transport, this accessory adds versatility to your container space. Order two for 40' of coverage.



Enhance your shipping container to create a comfortable and versatile space. Whether it's for storage or weekend getaways at the ranch, these customizations are the finishing touch that completes your container experience. Contact us for more information on our options and start elevating your container today!

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