Elevate Your Workforce Accommodations with Our 40' Bunkhouse

Elevate Your Workforce Accommodations with Our 40' Bunkhouse


In industries like construction, oil field operations, farming, and agriculture, providing comfortable and functional on-site housing for employees is essential. That's where our 40' Bunkhouse shines as the ultimate solution for employee housing needs. Let's explore how our bunkhouse offers the perfect blend of comfort and functionality for your on-site workforce.


Our 40' Bunkhouse is perfect for son site employee housing


Spacious Accommodations:
The 40' Bunkhouse is designed to comfortably sleep up to four people, offering ample space for your employees to rest and recharge after a long day's work. With enough room to move around and unwind, your team can enjoy a comfortable living environment during their stay.


 Living area for employees to rest and recharge after work


Kitchen Space:
Our bunkhouse features a well-equipped kitchen area, complete with a stainless steel sink, cabinetry, plenty of counter space, and room for appliances. This allows your team to prepare and enjoy meals together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork while promoting healthy eating habits.


Kitchen with Gray Shaker Cabinets, 30" Stainless Steel Sink, & Formica Countertop


Full Bathroom:
We understand the importance of convenience and comfort, which is why our bunkhouse comes with a full bathroom. Equipped with a shower, sink vanity, toilet, and tankless water heater, your team can enjoy hot showers and convenient facilities whenever they need them.


Full Bathroom with 36" Corner Shower with Glass Doors, Vanity with Sink, Toilet, & Tankless Hot Water Heater


Twin XL Bunks:
Each bunkhouse is furnished with two sets of twin XL bunk beds, providing comfortable sleeping arrangements for all occupants. With sturdy construction and ample space, your employees can rest assured they'll have a good night's sleep after a hard day's work.


Our 40' Bunkhouse offers two sets of Twin XL Bunkbeds


Whether you're looking to provide housing for a short-term project or long-term employment, our 40' Bunkhouse offers the perfect solution for your needs. Elevate your workforce accommodations and ensure your team feels valued and supported during their time on-site.


Contact us today to learn more about our 40' Bunkhouse and how it can enhance your employee housing experience. Let us help you create a comfortable and functional living space for your workforce, empowering them to perform their best while on the job.


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