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Shipping containers have become versatile solutions for various needs, and the type of door you choose can significantly impact their functionality. In this blog, we'll delve into the different types of shipping container doors, exploring their features and ideal use cases.


Cargo Doors: Cargo doors are the original and standard doors for shipping containers. Located at the end, these heavy-duty doors swing outward, providing easy access to the container's contents. They are weather-tight and secure, making them an excellent choice for static storage applications. While less convenient than other door types for frequent access, cargo doors are a cost-effective and straightforward option that requires no modifications.

Our 20' Standard 1-Trip Shipping Container with Cargo Doors

Man Doors: Designed for containers used to store smaller items or modified as offices, man doors offer secure and weather-resistant entry points for personnel. These doors provide easy access to items inside the container and are an ideal choice for applications where frequent human access is required.

Our 20' Vented Storage Container with a Man Door.

Roll-Up Doors: For convenient and efficient access to container contents, especially for larger items or bulk storage, roll-up doors are an excellent choice. These doors are durable, easy to operate, and feature a robust locking mechanism for added security. While slightly more costly, the benefits of optimizing container space and maintaining structural integrity make roll-up doors a worthwhile investment.

Our 20' Storage Container with 2x8 Roll Up Doors.

Side Open Doors: Similar to regular cargo doors, side open doors are located on the side of the container. This design facilitates the storage of large items or equipment with easy access from the side. Side open doors provide versatility in organizing and retrieving stored items, catering to specific needs and preferences.

Our 20' Standard 1-Trip Side Open Shipping Container


Cargo Doors with Entrance Ramps: The addition of entrance ramps to cargo doors enhances the versatility of shipping containers. These ramps allow for the effortless loading of ATVs, bikes, or even small cars directly into the container. This feature expands the container's utility, especially for those looking to store vehicles or equipment securely.

Our ATV/ Multipurpose Storage container with Entrance Ramps


Sliding Glass Doors:

Sliding glass doors offer a contemporary and stylish solution when it comes to modifying shipping containers for cabins, offices, or storefronts. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these doors bring the outdoors in, allowing natural light to flood the container's interior. Whether you're seeking a modern office space or a cozy cabin in nature, sliding glass doors seamlessly integrate functionality and design, making them an ideal choice for those looking to transform shipping containers into versatile living or working spaces.

Sliding glass door

Our 20' Modern Cabin + Sliding Glass Door


Choosing the right type of shipping container door depends on the intended use and accessibility requirements. Understanding the features and benefits of each door type ensures that you can make an informed decision to meet your specific needs, whether it's secure static storage or convenient access for dynamic applications.


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