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At XCaliber Container, where expertise meets innovation, we redefine living spaces with our trusted container solutions. With over 15 years of industry experience, we present a sustainable and cost-effective alternative—Tiny Container Homes. Embrace eco-friendly living without compromising comfort.



What is a Shipping Container Tiny Home?

A Shipping container tiny home is a small living space made from one or more shipping containers. These containers are typically used for transporting goods across the world but can be repurposed into offices, cabins, storage spaces, and tiny homes! These shipping containers are transformed into cozy, eco-friendly living spaces that are perfect for those who are looking to live off the grid or live a more minimal lifestyle. Tailor your space to suit your lifestyle while contributing to a more minimalist, eco-conscious world.




Decorate your tiny home to suit your style!


How are Tiny Homes constructed?

Tiny Homes are constructed from steel containers, meticulously tailored to accommodate diverse sizes and layouts. This flexibility lets you customize a Tiny Home that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle. Additionally, our container-based tiny homes prioritize energy efficiency, with spray foam insulation for optimal thermal performance.



How Durable are Tiny Homes?

Built to withstand the test of time, Tiny Homes have impressive longevity, with an average lifespan of 25-30 years. Our containers guarantee durability, weather resistance, and security, ensuring your Tiny Home remains resilient against potential damage. Regular but minimal maintenance preserves its lifespan, promising lasting tranquility.



Are Tiny Homes Safe to live in?

While shipping containers inherently offer security, modifications for homes can impact this. At XCaliber, we address this concern by providing add-on security packages, reinforcing your peace of mind. Your Tiny Container Home is as secure as a traditionally built home, blending safety with sustainability.



Embark on Your Tiny Home Journey

Ready to make your Tiny Home dreams a reality? XCaliber Container is your partner in crafting personalized small living spaces. With an array of customization options, our team is eager to guide you through the journey of creating a Tiny Home that resonates with your vision.


Contact us today and step into a world of innovative, sustainable living.


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