Navigating the Delivery Process: Your Shipping Container FAQ



Embarking on your journey to acquire a shipping container involves more than just choosing the right size and specifications. Understanding the delivery process is key to ensuring a smooth transition from ordering to utilization. In this FAQ guide, we address common questions related to the delivery of your portable shipping container. 


Shipping container delivery on a tilt bed trailer

Our 40' custom scale house delivered on a tilt bed trailer earlier this month.



How will my shipping container be delivered?

  • Your shipping container will be transported to your designated location using a truck and tilt-bed trailer. During the ordering process, consider the orientation of the cargo doors, as this determines their placement upon unloading. Whether facing the cab or the back of the trailer, careful planning ensures the cargo doors are positioned as desired.


What do I need to do to get my location ready for delivery?
  • While not mandatory, preparing a gravel bed or concrete platform contributes to container stability and proper drainage. Maintaining a level surface is crucial for smooth door operation, preventing challenges in accessing your stored items.


Do I need planning permission for a Shipping Container?
  • In most cases, shipping containers are classified as temporary structures and do not require special permits. However, consulting your local jurisdiction is recommended to confirm whether any restrictions or regulations apply in your area.


How much space is needed for the delivery of my Shipping Container?
  • The typical delivery involves a 40' tilt-bed trailer, requiring approximately 90 to 115 feet in front of the delivery site. Providing adequate space ensures a seamless unloading process and efficient placement of your container.


How do I prepare for electrical connections?

  • Before initiating electrical connections, check with the local jurisdiction for permit requirements. Confirm the compatibility of service amps with your container's specifications. Schedule a licensed electrician to handle the connection, determining whether you'll be linking to a utility service or a generator.


How do I prepare for plumbing connections?
  • For plumbing connections, engage a licensed plumber who can assess your specific needs. Prior to delivery, contact local authorities to inquire about necessary permits. Share details with the plumber, including water source (public or well), distance from plumbing service, anticipated usage, and the chosen drainage system.


     Navigating the delivery process for your shipping container involves thoughtful consideration and proactive planning. By addressing these frequently asked questions, you empower yourself to make informed decisions, ensuring a successful integration of your container into its new environment.


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