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 In recent years, the utilization of shipping containers for businesses has surged. Their durability, spaciousness, and easy customization make them an ideal choice for various enterprises. In honor of Valentine's Day, we're showing love to pink container businesses around the world! Who can resist the charm of the color pink?


Cargo Room – Oklahoma City, OK

    Heather initiated Cargo Room with a custom-designed cargo trailer, hosting pop-ups and events across the streets of Oklahoma City. In 2016, Cargo Room expanded with a showroom, and in 2019, the first brick-and-mortar location officially opened inside a converted pink shipping container on 9th street in OKC! Today, Heather and her team run her cherished brand, Precious Cargo, from the pink container, and the flagship store stands proudly on Broadway Avenue in Automobile Alley. Heather brings the concept of "mobile" full-circle, assisting women in discovering unique pieces for their wardrobe at every step of the way. 

     Cargo Room, a boutique in Oklahoma City.


    Pretzel Australia – Western Australia

      Pretzel is Australia’s pinkest bakery, founded and operated by Perth local Brittany Garbutt in 2017. Beginning in a small shipping container, Pretzel rapidly gained a devoted following for its delicious treats and quickly expanded across Western Australia. In 2019, they established their first Melbourne store, and now boast a total of 11 stores. As the Pretzel Queen's reign extends, so does the delicious goodness! Every pretzel crafted in the charming pink containers is handmade by one of their artisan pretzel bakers right on-site. With locations in Perth and Melbourne, Pretzel's containers have become Australia's favorite one-stop snack shop.

       Pretzel Wetzel, a Pretzel business in Australia.


      Coffee Dose – Orange County, California

        Coffee Dose is a vibrant coffee business with multiple locations across Orange County, California, including the charming 'Dose In The Box,' housed in a delightful pink shipping container. Their mission at Coffee Dose is to offer top-notch caffeination with a generous dose of humor. Focused on injecting a playful spirit into their brand, they encourage people not to take life too seriously, as reflected in their witty branding and 'naughty' cups. In a departure from the typical cold and pretentious atmosphere of many third-wave coffee shops, Coffee Dose strives to deliver the same quality coffee in a more inviting and enjoyable setting, making specialty coffee approachable and a lot more fun.



         Coffee Dose, a coffee shop in Orange County.


        Perro Largo Ranch – Terlingua, Texas

        Nestled just 40 minutes north of Big Bend National Park's Persimmon Gap entrance, the 8’x20’ pink container offers the perfect haven after a day of hiking. Surrounded by majestic mountain views and adventurous terrain, this property provides a unique experience. At night, enjoy the spectacle of the darkest skies, with every star and even the Milky Way visible from the rooftop patio. During the day, witness an abundance of wildlife, including wild donkeys, javelina, and jackrabbits. XCaliber Container is thrilled to have been a part of this incredible project, enhancing it with a Top Deck Package, Awning Package, and Security Package. Heather and Austin added their creative touches, making this charming retreat in the Texas high desert a must-see!


         Perro Largo Ranch, an Air BnB in West Texas.


        In the world of business, pink shipping containers have become more than just vibrant structures; they symbolize innovation, creativity, and a fresh approach to entrepreneurship. From boutiques to coffee shops, these containers continue to inspire us. As we celebrate these ventures, let's continue to embrace the boundless possibilities that shipping containers offer, fostering a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship that knows no bounds. Cheers to the businesses that dare to be different and the containers that wear pink as a badge of vibrant success!


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