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When convenience and space are at demand, it is vital to safely store your belongings. Shipping containers are a secure, durable option for safely storing items. It is essential to have safety measures in your shipping container to protect against unauthorized access. In this blog, we will discuss the advanced security features of shipping containers and provide some tips to secure your items!






1. Door Bar


A door bar provides extra protection from intruding through entrance door. XCaliber Container's door bars are steel, making them heavy and difficult to break open. Moreover, door bars ensure the entrance door will remain closed during heavy wind and harsh storms. Your stored items will be safe and sound whether the container is occupied or unoccupied! 


 Exterior of XCaliber's 20' Climate-Controlled Storage Container Featuring a Door Bar
XCaliber Container's 20' Climate-Controlled Storage Container with Door Bar 



2. Perimeter Security 


Fencing, gates, and barriers provide additional protection against unauthorized access. Perimeter security measures are often complemented by well-lit areas with surveillance cameras to deter criminals. 



3. Window Bars


Window bars act as a visible deterrent to potential intruders. Intruders are less likely to target a container with reinforced security features. Furthermore, window bars create a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized individuals from entering the interior. XCaliber Container’s window bars are steel, withstanding any harsh external force and preventing unauthorized individuals from entering through the windows. 


Exterior of XCaliber Container's 20' Mobile Office with Storage Featuring Window Bars & Door Bar
XCaliber Container's 20' Mobile Office with Storage Featuring Window Bars & Door Bar 



4. Lock Box on Cargo Doors


Lock boxes on cargo doors ensure unauthorized individuals cannot enter or open the cargo doors. XCaliber’s lock boxes are steel, withstanding harsh weather and external forces. 


 Exterior of XCaliber Container's 40' Standard Premium Refurbished Shipping Container Featuring Lock Box
XCaliber Container's 40' Standard Premium Refurbished Shipping Container with Lock Box 



5. Window Shutters


Window shutters prevent intruders from examining what is inside the container. The XCaliber window shutters have a lock on the inside; therefore, intruders cannot manipulate the shutters. The window shutters also act as another form of protection from intruders from breaking in through the windows. 


XCaliber Container's 53' Retreat Cabin Featuring Window Shutters

XCaliber Container's 53' Retreat Cabin with Window Shutters 



6. Alarms & Motion Sensors


Alarm and motion sensors are installed to detect unauthorized movement within and outside the container. These systems trigger alerts in case of unusual activity. 



7. Access Control Measures 


Access control measures only provide access to authorized individuals to enter the shipping container. They may include key cards, biometric authentication, and unrecognizable access codes. This layer of security significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized entry and can control who enters the container. 






1. Use Locked Organizers 


Store belongings in bins and organizers with locks. These locks provide extra protection in the shipping container’s interior. Invest in high-quality locks for bins instead of generic or easily bypassed locks.  



2. Use Hidden Compartments 


Use furniture, such as ottomans, that have hidden storage compartments. If intruders enter the container, they cannot easily access all items. 



3. Be Mindful of Location


Place valuable belongings away from windows and areas that are easily visible from the outside. You can store items in the back of the container where there is not a clear view of the belonging. 



4. Choose the Right Container 


At XCaliber Container, you will choose the right, reliable, safe shipping container. Our containers are made of steel and include various security features. You have the option to add more security features that do not already come with the container. We include warranties within certain containers that provide coverage for leakage and rodent infestation. Our team is reliable and dedicated to ensuring your shipping container is protected and secure. 


 Exterior of XCaliber's 40' Standard Basic Refurbished Shipping Container
 XCaliber Container's 40' Standard Basic Refurbished Shipping Container 



The protection of belongings demands an unwavering commitment to robust security features and access control measures. It is critical to be proactive in understanding and adhering to security guidelines and maintaining the features. By utilizing advanced security solutions and following tips, you can be confident that your stored items are safe. 



If you have any concerns or questions about the safety of shipping containers, feel free to contact us! We are here to help protect your stored items with our shipping containers and security features! 

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