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Steel shipping containers are extremely versatile and can be used for just about anything you can imagine, including carports.



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Using shipping containers to build a carport can also transform what would be a basic parking area into a multifunctional structure that includes storage. Of course, there are many ways you can build your structure, but as with all other shipping container builds, you want to make sure you do it the right way.

Now let's explore some different options for steel container carports. Whatever route you decide to go with your shipping container carport, just remember to do it right, keep it simple, and have fun!




One of the more popular shipping container carports uses 2 steel shipping containers, one on each side of the carport, with the carport canopy stretching across the top of the containers and securely attached on each end. This method allows for parking in between the containers and storage on each side.


For this, you can either use 20’ or 40’ long containers. Depending on the size of containers used, storage space would roughly be 320 square feet total if using 20’s and 640 square feet total if using 40’s. Additionally, you can choose between used and new containers but be sure to select containers that are structurally sound and remember that containers are designed to bear weight in the corners only.


With any structure, especially one involving shipping containers, you want to start with a level surface. A level surface ensures that the cargo doors on the container open easily and work properly. Typically, shipping containers that are being used for storage only or other basic needs can be delivered and set on any level surface, including the bare ground. When building with shipping containers, however, it may be best to either create a level area using gravel or pour a concrete slab.


Next, after placing your containers, you can optionally choose to anchor them for additional support against high winds/storms before moving to the roof. For the roof, there are many kits online designed specifically for this type of shipping container carport or you can choose to build your own using sheet metal or another material of your choice. If you aren’t experienced in this area, you may choose to hire a contractor or welder to finish the project properly.




Another popular shipping container carport design uses one steel shipping container to support one side of the carport and traditional support beams on the other side. This design again transforms a basic carport into a multifunctional structure including storage.


You can choose which container size works best for your carport needs and go from there. As stated previously, you always want to start with a level area for any build including a shipping container. Once you have a level area using gravel, concrete, etc., you are ready to begin your project.


For this, you’ll place the shipping container on one side of the level surface. This will act as the support on one side of the carport. On the other side, you will place 2 traditional support beams/poles. If using a concrete foundation, you may want to consider placing the beams/poles in the cement when you pour it for additional support.


After the container and supports are in place, next you will work on the carport roof. Again, you can find many convenient kits for this online, build one yourself, or hire a contractor/welder to finish the job. To support the roof structure, aim to include some kind of framework to prevent caving.




The most simple design to provide covered parking using a steel shipping container would be to add a roll-up door to the end of any shipping container.


If this is the route you choose to go, keep in mind that the standard 20’ and 40’ shipping containers have an external width of 8’ or an internal width of a little over 7’8”. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that whatever you plan on parking in the unit will fit. Additionally, if going this route, you may want to explore ramps as the door opening would be about 6” from the ground.


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