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Every hotel owner wants to draw travelers’ attention to their unique vacation spot. Shipping container hotels reshape how travelers experience their journeys while providing a sustainable and unique lodging option. Let’s explore the boom of shipping container hotels in the tourism industry and discuss some remarkable projects!



1. The Middleton Hotel (Texas, USA)


The Middleton, located in Graham, Texas, is a boutique hotel consisting of 16 rooms and an adjacent bar, the Middle Sister. Utilizing shipping containers, each room has an upscale vibe with original artwork from all over the world. The courtyard features outdoor seating with food service and a balcony overlooking downtown Graham. XCaliber Container repurposed these shipping containers and helped construct the layout of the containers.


The Middleton Hotel - Picture Taken from the 2nd Floor



2. 8th Avenue Container Hotel (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


The 8th Avenue Container Hotel features a trendy and affordable stay experience. Created from repurposed shipping containers, the hotel consists of uniquely designed rooms and communal spaces. It is known to be one of the cheapest hotels in Malaysia.


8th Avenue Container Hotel



3. Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort (Gudauri, Georgia)


This container hotel lives in Georgia’s snowy Caucasus Mountains. The project was created by Georgian architect Sandro Ramishvili. The philosophy behind the project was to create an environmentally friendly hotel that safeguards the environment from the harmful effects of work and leisure. The hotel has 21 rooms with panoramic mountain views, a spa area with a pool, a hall for yoga, and a 10-minute walk from the Shino ski lift.


Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort



4. Dock Inn (Rostock, Germany)


Since April 2017, this harborside shipping container hotel consists of 64 ensuite rooms made from 86 shipping containers. The building has an industrial charm and includes a gaming room, a climbing wall, a movie theater, and a sauna on the roof. The hotel lives next to a beach, so travelers have easy access to swimming, playing volleyball, and soaking up the sun at the beach.


Dock Inn Hostel/Hotel



5. Studio 6 (Alberta, Canada)


This hotel is a four-story hotel with a boxy exterior. It disguises its true structure—no one would recognize that it is a repurposed shipping container. Studio 6 is one of North America’s largest shipping container hotels. The hotel has 63 rooms, a lounge area, a fitness room, and a large meeting room. The elevator is a shipping container flipped on its side, showing the stability of shipping containers.


Studio 6 Hotel



6. Alterra Glamping (Pinamar, Argentina)


Alterra Glamping is a unique beach resort with private guest container cabins. The container cabins are scattered around the pine-shaded grounds. Each unit contains artful, daylight-filled windows, a private balcony, colorful décor, and a kitchenette. The hotel offers free access to the swimming pool and garden.


Alterra Glamping



7. Hotel California Road at Inkwell Wines (Tatachilla, Australia)


Located in South Australia, Hotel California Road is made from 20 repurposed shipping containers. The hotel features a winery where you can enjoy a glass of local wine. When you visit, you will receive special Inkwell wines in one of their tasting rooms. Other features of this hotel include a bar, a lounge area, and a garden.


Hotel California Road at Inkwell Wines



8. Flophouze Shipping Container Hotel (Texas, USA)


Located in Round Top, Texas, the Flophouze Hotel offers a rustic-chic retreat where guests can unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The hotel’s countertops are used old bowling alley floors from Texas—a true testament to creativity and repurposing. Six containers are available for a stay, and you will receive complimentary coffee and tea, sparkling water, and Mexican cokes upon your arrival. Fayette Lake is right near the hotel, offering opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature, fish, and swim.


Flophouze Shipping Container Hotel



As the tourism industry evolves to accommodate changing traveler preferences and a growing emphasis on eco-friendliness, shipping container hotels have emerged as a trailblazing trend. These projects offer a unique and memorable stay, but more importantly, they reflect a broader shift towards innovative and eco-conscious travel experiences.



To learn more about how shipping containers can be transformed into hotels, contact us! We can also get you started on creating the perfect retreat, getaway, and vacation spot!

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