Shipping Container Man Caves & She Sheds



Want a personal space of your own that is tailored just for you? It is essential to have a place where you can truly relax and unwind from your busy life. So many things compete for your time and energy every day. Wouldn’t you like a place where you can leave all of that behind and focus on yourself?


What if we told you this is all possible, and with only one shipping container? Shipping containers have really exploded in popularity recently, mostly because of their versatility and capability to be utilized for a variety of needs. With a little bit of elbow grease and imagination, a shipping container can be transformed into a magnificent Man Cave? Or a superb She Shed?


Personalize your very own She Shed like our friends at Perro Largo Ranch.


With little effort, shipping containers are easily maintained and are designed to endure the weather and elements. The day you receive your shipping container, you already have a secure, weatherproof, and sturdy structure. The possibilities are endless from there, especially with a great imagination.


A shipping container is a perfect blank slate when deciding to build a man cave or she shed because of its versatility. Additionally, shipping containers are worth being considered for these projects due to their affordability and portability. This removes the concern of what happens to your beloved man cave or she shed in the event you move.


XCaliber Container offers a variety of container sizes and grades, meaning you can choose an option that fits your needs, space, and budget.


Add a top deck and awning to get the perfect sunset views! 


Additionally, with The Shipping Container Specialists, you can have a raw steel shipping container delivered directly to you and let your imagination run wild, choose from a variety of modifications we offer to add to your shipping container at the time of order, choose a shell package with the most difficult modifications already done and then decorate it yourself, or choose an already finished shipping container cabin and furnish it any way you like. The modifications we offer include security features, electric packages, insulation, doors, windows, custom paint, awnings, decks, interior finishes, and more! With these kinds of options, the possibilities are endless.


No matter what your ideas are, the versatility in shipping containers makes them possible!



Contact us to transform your shipping container into a man cave or she shed!


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