Shipping Container Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction



As shipping containers continue to redefine the storage landscape, they've also become the subject of various myths and misconceptions. In this blog, we'll debunk some common shipping container myths to provide clarity and understanding.


Myth 1: Shipping Containers Are Too Hot to Live In

Reality: While shipping containers can get warm during the summer, it's a myth that they are too hot to live in. With proper modifications such as insulation, air conditioning, and fans, container homes can offer comfortable living spaces regardless of the weather.


Myth 2: Shipping Containers Make Bad Houses and Buildings

Reality: Contrary to the misconception that shipping containers aren't suitable for dwellings, they are versatile and can be modified for homes, offices, workspaces, and more. Their stackable and customizable nature makes them an excellent base for various projects. We do not build multi-unit container homes but we are happy to supply the containers & complete any pre-fab metal work or rough-in work needed to ensure your containers are ready to be joined by your contractor upon delivery!


Myth 3: Used Shipping Containers Are Unsafe

Reality: Used cargo shipping containers are safe to repurpose. Repurposing not only provides a sustainable solution but also contributes to keeping these containers in use rather than discarding them. They undergo rigorous cleaning processes, ensuring safety for repurposing.


Myth 4: Shipping Containers Are Toxic

Reality: There is a misconception that shipping containers may contain toxic materials. In truth, the materials used in making cargo containers are safe. Additionally, containers are thoroughly cleaned, eliminating any concerns about potential contaminants. Opting for refurbished or one-trip containers provides added peace of mind.


Myth 5: Items Get Ruined in Shipping Containers

Reality: Items stored inside shipping containers are safe and secure. To enhance preservation, various add-on options such as climate control, spray foam insulation, ventilation, and electric packages are available, ensuring the protection of your stored items.


Myth 6: Shipping Containers Are Easy Access for Theft

Reality: Shipping containers are equipped with heavy-duty cargo doors and enhanced security features, making them a secure storage solution. Additional options like man doors with key-locked door bars further fortify the containers against unauthorized access.


 By dispelling these shipping container myths, we aim to provide accurate information about their functionality and versatility. Shipping containers offer a sustainable, secure, and adaptable solution for various storage needs.


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