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Navigating the world of shipping containers can be overwhelming with the array of sizes and types available. However, understanding the basics is crucial when selecting the right container for your needs. In this blog, we'll break down the different sizes and types of shipping containers, making it easier for you to choose the perfect fit for your project.


 Here are essential terms you need to know in the shipping container world:

-Shipping container: The most used term for these versatile units. 

-Ocean container, sea container, or sea can: A container utilized on international shipping vessels.

-Conex or Conex box: Originating from "container express," developed during the Korean War for transportation and storage of supplies.

-ISO container: Manufactured in compliance with specifications set by the International Organization for Standardization.


Shipping Container Height:

-Standard: These are the typical shipping containers, standing at 8'6" tall, which is the standard height.


-High Cube: Standing a foot taller at 9'6", High Cube containers offer extra vertical space compared to standard units.



Common Shipping Container Sizes:

-10’ Containers: Compact yet versatile, these containers are ideal for small-scale projects such as compact offices or equipment enclosures.

-20’ Containers: Offering a bit more space, these containers are commonly used for construction offices or climate-controlled storage solutions.

-40’ Containers: With ample square footage, these containers are perfect for larger projects like offices with storage or restrooms, hunting cabins, and tiny homes.



    Shipping Container Types:

    -One-Trip Containers: Fresh off their first journey overseas, these containers are suitable for various applications, including work and living spaces.

    -Used Containers: Having traveled multiple times, these containers are best suited for storage applications or structures that prioritize functionality over aesthetics.



    By understanding the different sizes and types of shipping containers, you can make informed decisions when selecting the right one for your project. Whether you're in need of a compact office, climate-controlled storage, or a cozy tiny home, there's a shipping container that fits your needs perfectly. We hope this blog has provided clarity and insight, making your container shopping experience a breeze!


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