Shipping Container vs. Shed: The Best Choice for Your Storage Needs

Shipping Container VS Shed: The Best Choice For Your Storage Needs


You've officially made the decision – you need outdoor storage. With so many options available, how do you find the solution that’s right for you? As you weigh your options between a shipping container and a storage shed, considering the following factors will help you make an informed decision with confidence. At XCaliber Container, we believe in providing durable, convenient, and cost-effective storage solutions that stand the test of time. Here’s why a shipping container might be the best choice for your storage needs.


Durability and Maintenance

When making a storage investment, you want to ensure that the money you spend is worth it. Shipping containers are built to withstand the toughest conditions, requiring little-to-no maintenance for over 20 years. These containers are made of heavy-duty steel designed to endure extreme weather and rough handling. In contrast, sheds are often constructed from lighter-grade materials such as OSB plywood, vinyl, or thin sheet metal, which may require additional maintenance over time, including replacing door hinges, roof shingles, and more.



Budget is a critical factor when considering additional storage space. While sheds may cost a bit less upfront ($500-$1000 less), they lose almost their entire value within a few years. On the other hand, containers tend to hold their value with very little depreciation, providing a long-term investment for up to 20 years. This means that, despite a slightly higher initial cost, a shipping container offers a better return on investment over time.



Do you want your additional storage to look a certain way? Sheds can be designed to match the aesthetics of your house. While shipping containers may have a more industrial, "boxy" look, they can be easily painted to blend into your surrounding area or match your house. This offers some level of customization to fit your aesthetic preferences.



Complete security is a significant consideration for outdoor storage. Shipping containers can be locked up and completely sealed, making them safer from thieves and rodent-proof. Sheds, however, often offer minimal security and may lack a tight seal, increasing the chances of theft and pest intrusion.


Convenience of Acquisition

Once you've decided on extra storage, you likely want to know how quickly you can get it and how much time it takes to set up. When you purchase a container from XCaliber Container, you can expect delivery and readiness quickly.All you need is level ground and enough space for the delivery truck. In contrast, purchasing a shed often means subjecting yourself to store availability, and even if it’s available for pickup, many sheds require additional work such as pouring a concrete pad and building the shed yourself.


Ability to Repurpose or Move at a Later Date

Would you like the option for your storage space to be movable? Containers are designed to be easily transported from one place to another, providing flexibility for your storage needs. An outdoor storage shed, however, is typically designed to serve one purpose in one location, making relocation more challenging and impractical.


Shipping Container vs. Shed: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Durability: Containers are made to withstand harsh conditions and last over 20 years, while sheds are constructed from cheaper materials that may not hold up as well over time.

Maintenance: Containers require little-to-no maintenance, whereas sheds may need frequent repairs and upkeep.

Value: Containers typically maintain or increase in value, while sheds depreciate significantly over ten years.

Size: A 10-foot container provides 640 cubic feet of space, whereas a typical garden shed offers only 350-450 cubic feet.

Mobility: Containers are designed to be moved easily, while sheds are more difficult to relocate due to their flimsier construction.


Overall, a shipping container from XCaliber Container is the superior choice for your storage needs. They offer more space, durability, customization options, and mobility compared to traditional sheds. Investing in a shipping container means investing in a long-lasting, versatile solution that will meet your storage needs for years to come.


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