Shipping Containers for Oil Field Housing



As the oil industry continues to thrive, the demand for suitable and cost-effective housing solutions for oil field workers in areas like West Texas, is on the rise. Addressing this demand, shipping container cabins have emerged as a transformative solution, offering a range of benefits that make them an ideal choice for temporary oil field housing.


Our 40' Bunkhouse Cabin which features a kitchen area, full bathroom, and two sets of twin XL bunk beds.


Affordability: One of the primary advantages of utilizing shipping container cabins for oil field housing is their affordability. In comparison to traditional options such as hotels or rented homes, these modified containers provide a cost-effective alternative, meeting the needs of both companies and workers.


Quick Setup: Shipping container cabins are prefabricated off-site, streamlining the setup process. With simple connections to electricity and plumbing, the cabins are ready for occupancy with minimal on-site construction. Site preparation is straightforward – a level surface is all that's needed to ensure a quick and efficient setup. A level surface is key, as this will allow windows and doors to work properly. 


Portability: The mobility of shipping container cabins proves invaluable in the dynamic environment of oil fields. Once a work location is completed, these cabins can be easily lifted, moved, and stacked for relocation to a new site. This portability eliminates the need for extensive new construction costs, offering a flexible and efficient solution for oil field companies.


Safety and Durability: Safety is a top priority, and shipping container cabins excel in this aspect. Structurally secure and resistant to external elements such as wind, water, and pests, these cabins provide a safe and durable living space for oil field workers. Additionally, their secure design ensures the protection of personal belongings from potential intruders.


Versatility: Modified shipping containers offer versatility in terms of customization. These cabins can be transformed into comfortable living spaces with insulation, climate control, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. This versatility allows companies to tailor housing solutions to the specific needs and preferences of their workforce.


Shipping container cabins have proven to be a transformative solution for oil field housing, offering a perfect blend of affordability, quick setup, portability, safety, and durability. As the oil industry continues to evolve, these containers play a vital role in providing comfortable and secure living spaces for the hardworking individuals contributing to its success.


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