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After hours of trick-or-treating, telling ghost stories, and walking through haunted houses, it is time to pack away all your eerie decorations. Keep reading to learn about creative and practical storage ideas to keep your Halloween decorations organized, in top condition, and ready to spook again next year.





Categorize by themes, sorting decorations into categories, such as pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and more. This makes it easier to locate specific items when the next Halloween season rolls around. Use labels on storage bins to identify the items, saving you the hassle of rummaging through multiple bins and searching for what you need.  



 Label your storage bins to quickly locate items. 





1. Keep delicate pumpkin decorations safe by wrapping them in old pillowcases or cloth bags. They will stay cushioned and protected from scratches.


2. Use repurposed wrapping paper tubes to store string lights and garlands.


3. Place cotton balls in the eye socks and other uncovered areas of masks or fragile decorations to prevent them from being damaged and dented.


4. Wrap delicate decorations with bubble wrap, providing an extra layer of protection guards against breakage.


5. Put ornaments in empty egg cartons to prevent rolling and to maintain their structure.


6. Use tissue paper to create protective layers between fragile decorations when packing them in storage bins.


7. Keep costumes pristine by storing them in garment bags, preventing dust, and retaining their quality of material. Add silica gel packets in the garment bags to absorb moisture and prevent mildew, especially if your storage container is prone to humidity.


8. Place cedar blocks in storage bins with fabric decorations to prevent moths and other pests from wreaking havoc.


9. Tuck fabric softener sheets in between layers of fabric decorations to keep them smelling fresh.





1. Utilize wall space by hanging hooks or pegs on the wall to store larger decorations, such as cobwebs or inflatable props. You will have more space to stack storage bins and utilize the floor area.


2. Install shelving units for stackable storage bins. Use shelving for smaller storage to ensure the shelving does not deteriorate over time.


3. Store your Halloween decorations in the same space as other holiday items and swap them out seasonally, saving storage room and keeping decorations organized. 


We provide tailored options for installing shelving units designed for stackable storage bins. For smaller storage needs, opt for shelving to ensure its longevity over time.


Don’t let the post-fright festivities turn into a storage nightmare this Halloween! With these storage solutions, your decorations will be ready next year and will remain intact in your shipping container.



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