Spring Cleaning with Smart Container Organization



It's that refreshing time of the year again – spring is here, and it's not just your home that deserves a thorough clean. Don't forget about your trusty shipping container, the unsung hero of storage! Here's how to make the most of your spring-cleaning efforts while maximizing space in your shipping container:


Cleaning Tips:

-Seal Cracks and Seams: Give your container a once-over inside and out, checking for any sneaky cracks or seams letting moisture in. Even the tiniest gap can lead to unwanted moisture buildup. Seal the deal with waterproof sealant like tar tape, readily available at your local hardware store.

-Clean and Cover the Floor: If pressure washing isn't on the agenda, a thorough sweep or hose down works wonders to remove built-up dirt and dust on your container floor. After cleaning, cover the floor with a plastic sheet. Not only does it make future cleanups a breeze, but it also acts as a moisture barrier against ground seepage.

-Sanitize: Ward off mold and bacteria by sanitizing the container walls. Create your own solution by mixing water and a touch of bleach in a spray bottle. Prioritize safety with gloves and a mask and ensure proper ventilation to dissipate any lingering fumes.


Our Heavy Duty 3-Row Shelving down one container wall on the inside. No welding or cutting required.


Organizing Tips:

-Mark and Number Your Boxes: Stay organized by numbering and listing the contents of each box. This saves you from the mystery of forgotten items and helps decide what to keep or toss during your spring cleaning spree.

-Maximize Storage Space: Make the most of your container's space by adding extra shelves. Whether it's documents, small items, or furniture, those extra shelves can make a world of difference.

-Map Your Items: Draw a map of where your important items are stored inside the container. This quick reference guide ensures nothing gets lost in the depths of your storage space.


    Spring cleaning is a breeze when you give your shipping container the attention it deserves. With these tips, you'll not only maintain your container's longevity but also enjoy a neatly organized and efficient storage space. Ready, set, spring into a clutter-free season! 


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