The Benefits of Side Doors on Shipping Containers


Shipping containers have revolutionized the world of storage, offering solutions for various needs. Traditionally, cargo doors located at one end of the unit have been the norm, ensuring secure and efficient loading and unloading. However, in the quest for even more versatility, the addition of side doors to shipping containers has emerged as a game-changer.


Improved Accessibility: Side doors bring a new level of flexibility in terms of size and style. Enhancing accessibility, they provide an alternative to the standard cargo doors, especially in scenarios where frequent access to the container's contents is required. For daily tasks involving smaller tools or equipment, side doors, whether personnel doors or roll-up doors, streamline the workflow by offering quicker and more convenient entry.


Optimized Workflow: Imagine needing to access your container multiple times a day – cargo doors, though secure, might become an impediment. Side doors, especially roll-up variants, eliminate this bottleneck, providing efficient access to larger equipment or tools. This is particularly advantageous when you're dealing with items that are cumbersome to load and unload through traditional cargo doors.


Maximizing Space: Not all cargo doors are created equal, and sometimes they fall short when it comes to accommodating larger items. Side doors open up new possibilities for maximizing space within your container. Whether it's an extra set of cargo doors for large items, personnel doors for frequent foot traffic, doors with windows for improved awareness, or roll-up doors for quick access to larger items – the options are varied and customizable.


Our 20' Standard New Steel Shipping Container with Side Open Cargo Doors


Diverse Side Door Options:

  • Operable Cargo Doors: Perfect for storing and accessing large items securely.
  • Personnel Doors: Ideal for frequent foot traffic and accessing smaller stored items effortlessly.
  • Rollup Doors: Perfect for storing frequently accessed larger items efficiently.


Considering the addition of side doors to your container isn't just an upgrade; it's a strategic move to enhance its utility. The benefits extend beyond convenience to unlocking new possibilities for storage and accessibility. Embrace the evolution of shipping containers with side doors, and elevate your container experience to a new level.


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