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Shipping containers play a vital role in transporting goods across continents. These large steel boxes are the unsung heroes of commerce—capable of carrying a numerous range of items. In this blog, we will delve into some of the most common items stored in shipping containers.



1. Electronics & Appliances


Electronics and appliances need to be stored safely and securely, making shipping containers an ideal solution for storing electronics and appliances. Due to its durability, a shipping container will protect the stored electronics and appliances from harsh weather and external forces. Furthermore, shipping containers have many advanced security features, such as window and door bars, lock boxes, window shutters, and other features to prevent theft. 


Exterior of XCaliber's 40' High Cube 1-Trip Shipping Container

XCaliber Container's 40' High Cube 1-Trip Shipping Container 



2. Furniture


When renovating or relocating, furniture needs to be stored and out of the way. Shipping containers are perfect for storing furniture due to their size, durability, and portability. For instance, if you are relocating and need to store a large sofa, use a shipping container. The shipping container can be transported to the new location where the sofa would be used.



3. Clothing


When living in a cabin or retreat-style container, there are often issues with storing clothes. Due to the compact design of cabins and repurposed containers, closets are limited. Therefore, with the use of a 10-foot or larger shipping container, you can have a portable, durable, and accessible closet. 


Interior of XCaliber's 40' High Cube 1-Trip Shipping Container

XCaliber Container's 40' High Cube 1-Trip Shipping Container 



4. Automotive Parts & Vehicles


Shipping containers can hold multiple heavy materials due to their durability. Therefore, automotive parts and small vehicles can be stored in shipping containers. They will be protected from harsh weather and external forces, including theft.



5. Machinery & Equipment


Heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and manufacturing tools are stored in specialized shipping containers designed to handle their weight and dimensions. Shipping containers can be customized to have roll-up doors, allowing easy access to move machinery and equipment in and out of the container.


Exterior of XCaliber's 40' ATV/Multi-purpose Storage Container

XCaliber Container's 40' ATV/Multi-purpose Storage Container



6. Building Materials


Storing building materials in a shipping container influences the flexibility of working on different sites. Shipping containers are portable; when needed, the stored building materials can be moved to a different construction site. As urbanization and infrastructure projects grow, building materials are essential for development, and storing them in a shipping container keeps them intact, protected, and accessible.



7. Food & Beverages


Perishable and non-perishable food items are transported overseas in climate-controlled shipping containers. Therefore, when shipping containers are used for storage, they preserve and maintain food items with climate-controlling systems, such as solar roof vents, spray foam insulation, and AC and heating units. Furthermore, food and beverages are protected from external forces due to the strength and durability of shipping containers.


Exterior of XCaliber's 20' Sportsman's Storage Container

XCaliber Container's 20' Sportsman's Storage Container 



In conclusion, the qualities of shipping containers provide storage solutions for heavy, valuable, and large items. Shipping containers will continue to be used for storage solutions, as they are durable, flexible, portable, secure, and reliable.



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